For the Love of Gray

After prepping my wardrobe for fall one thing has become quite apparent: I have a thing for gray. I know.. in an insta world filled with bubble gum pinks and patterns, gray seems quite boring. But just give it a chance. I'm not quite sure when my obsession started. Maybe it's when I met the love of my life; Rally. The tiniest grey and white kitten who is my forever sidekick. Maybe it stems from the perfect gray wall at the end of my street that is a constant for any photoshoot needs. 

This color seems like it would be difficult to pull of in an interior. You don't want to make the space gloomy but with the right warmth, pops of color and splashes of white I feel it really grounds the room. Making a statement that can be easily changed if your decor mood decides it. Rustic or lush.

I totally understand not being comfortable rolling on the paint that looks like lava. Why not try in some beautiful daily ceramics? The beautiful hues of veggies really shows on a light sky grey. These plates have caught my eye because of the blue and greens that have been worked in. 

As I've mentioned my closet is packed filled with oversized gray sweaters. I cannot get enough! There is one I lent to a friend once - never to be seen again. I still think of this article of clothing on chilly autumn nights and get a little sad. Not going to lie.

So what do you think? Would you give gray more of a front runner of shades in your design? I'm telling you, it's a love/obsession that will sneak up on you.